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Our company has a recognized and independent fiduciary and Steuerberatungsgesellschaft her home in Au - Waedenswil [Zurich], and is consistent with expert advice of a demanding clientele to the side.

Experience and industry knowledge can be used in custom solutions for businesses and individuals. Uncomplicated and liaising directly corresponds to our style. We are coming for you, wherever and as far as you wish.


Our customers are influenced by the owner companies, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), retail companies, freelance professionals, individuals and financial service providers, as well as non-profit organizations.


We advise, guide and support our customers so that they concentrate on their core competencies. Our services create confidence.


We offer high-quality escrow services of the examination and advice and will also be the first address perceived. Our customers recognize in everyday dealings that we have with a full commitment to them, speak their language and understand our specialists. We provide our services at a fair price and fair market. Our financial goals are to a long-term development with a reasonable rate of return. The partners remain with a qualified majority owner of the company. We maintain our independence and autonomy.


We keep open, honest, rapid and target.


We are from customers, employees, business partners, government and society openly and fairly. Our business relationships are sustainable, respect and appreciation.

Standards of conduct

We maintain our independence in thought and action. We comply with the applicable rules of law and of professional status. We respect the rules of internal cooperation and conduct ourselves with other organizational units in the interest of the cooperative and solidarity. We consciously take responsibility and are open for problems in society, politics, education, sport and culture.