Financial Services

Standard Bank and Trustee Services

    Individual Asset Management

  • Our core competencies include the financial administration of foundations in Liechtenstein or similar servcies for offshore companies;

    A Trust domiciled in London may also be an ideal platform for conservative investors, the management of a personal respectively. Professional Council (consulting) in Switzerland seek and value to a basket qualified and longstanding support of your investment by a reputable asset managers. Because creation of sustainable wealth is an art;

  • We also hold in trust any stakes in the range of usual banking services or assist you to open in trust an escrow account for you, but in our name;

    Note : A trusteeship must be not disclosed in the Swiss company books.

  • We also act as your neutral financial adviser. Personal asset managers advise you so that your money can be safely deposited (eg. in sustainable Index Funds or Trust Funds ) with a renowned Swiss Bank;

  • We assist you, but also, or at the opening of a bank account with a reputable Bank in Switzerland or in building a business relationship (banking relationship) with a Swiss Private Bank. This also in view of the excellent relationship the Swiss rate to the euro.

    Note : Any interest-income from savings paid out to foreign located individuals through a bank branch in outside the EU (eg. Singapore ) are exempt from the EU-Tax-Retention Agreement.

Real Estate Management

  • Under the aforementioned administrative services, we also manage your swiss property (real estate management ).

Other appreciated Services

  • Last but not least, we offer you the option of a discreet private secretary (Family Office) in Switzerland to lead a secretive and personal secretary;