Business Consulting Services

Management Advice in general

    Coaching in optimal location matters

  • Escorting the management of foreign companies who intend to open a subsidiary in Switzerland and would like to profit of the optimal business location in the Canton of Zurich or elsewhere in Switzerland;

    Coaching in financing issues

  • Support of small and midium-sized businesses on funding issues, especially in matters of credit

  • Negotiations with the Bank ( finance coaching ), in matters of preparation and/or the implementation of strategic and financial plans as well as in preparation of meaningful reporting systems;

    Consolidation & Company Evaluation

  • Assistance on issues of consolidation and/or in assessing the inner value of your company in case of an envisaged succession or in questions of a possible management buyout transaction;

Management Advice in particular

    Restructuring (Reorganization)

  • Advice on issues re. the reorganisation ( merger, spin-off, splitting ) of your business or in questions of a planned MBO, etc.