Legal Advice

Re. Registration of Companies in Switzerland

  • We advise and help you to incorporate and register of a swiss branch office (eg art gallery for contemporary art) or to setup a tax privileged company in the form of a holding corporation or auxiliary finance company with domicile in Switzerland. Furthermore, we also support you on behalf of the legal issues of a planned headquarters relocation (eg. for so-called nondoms in the UK ) etc;

    Note : The commercial and legal framework for the art trade in Switzerland is very liberal. A legal regulation re. profit participation of the artist or his heirs to the resale of his works - for example - is not foreseen. A domicile company in Zurich pays 8.5% per year federal profit taxes and 0.03% of capital taxes (Canton of Zurich). Besides that, a foundation of a company is almost always connected with the establishment and use of a Swiss bank account.

  • After that we professionally manage your newly incorporated Swiss company, subsidiary or art gallery. That's what we call gestion. Everything is done under one roof. We provide accounting, do the business correspondence, take care of the legal and tax issues, provide financial management, etc. More under Gestion

Re. Foundations and Trusts

  • We advise and support you but also in setting up a foundation in Liechtenstein or at subsequent requests for modification of any existing trust statutes. After the setup, we monitor the execution of orders according to the laid down regulations of the foundation.

    Note : A foundation has its own legal personality and can have assets in its own name. A Liechtenstein Foundation has the advantage that income from capital investments is tax-exempt and the foundation purpose must not to be guided by social welfare ideas. The donor e.g. can support his own family and also favour himself or even maintain his Swiss apartment.

  • Similarly, a Trust in London or in Switzerland can be an ideal platform for cautious investors.